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Hi, my name is Euan.

Today, you can be free of phobias, fear, anxiety, chronic pain, addictions, stress, trauma, confidence and self-belief issues and so many other things that you may be needlessly suffering from. Life can change in a moment.

I help you change beliefs about yourself and what is possible for you to achieve; to have freedom from whatever is holding you back and to create new possibilities for an extraordinary life!

Hypnotherapy is an incredible approach to treat a wide range of conditions...it really does work!

And the results with Hypnotherapy are often rapid with permanent change.

What do you want to change in your life today?

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Is Hypnotherapy For You?

Hypnotherapy is a powerful therapeutic approach that can bring about effective and permanent positive change to people experiencing negative conditions in both body and mind that have impacted on a full and normal living experience.

The state in which Hypnotherapy occurs is generally called, 'Hypnosis', a profound state of relaxtion and singular focus where the subconscious mind is receptive to affirming suggestions leading to empowering life changes.

It is an evidence-based therapy that has helped millions of people overcome a wide range of conditions, enabling them to live fulfilled on every level.

And it can do so much for you; easily and permanently.

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Freedom From Anxiety

Anxiety is experienced by many people today and its impact on health and outlook on life can be devastating. This free, guided meditation will reduce stress and offer you freedom from your anxiety.

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I have experienced more clarity, purpose, and enhanced skills. Euan's approach goes beyond conventional methods; it's a personalised journey that really helped me to find, believe and connect with my purpose and potential.


Hypnotherapy Treatments

Anxiety & Stress

Anxiety disrupts physical, emotional, and cognitive functioning, causing symptoms like increased heart rate, persistent fear, and impaired concentration, which collectively reduce quality of life and may lead to avoidance behaviors.


Addiction impacts the human body by causing physical dependence, organ damage, and weakened immune function, also deteriorating mental health and overall well-being. Usually, there is also a big financial cost, too. You can be free from it!


Being more confident is something many struggle with but can be easily instilled in an individual; enhancing self-esteem, improving decision-making, and fostering resilience and success in personal and professional pursuits!

Phobias & Fears

Phobias and fears are intense, irrational, and persistent feelings of dread or anxiety triggered by specific objects, situations, or thoughts. They are, however, things we do not need to live with and hypnotherapy is a very successful modality freeing many from their fears.

Chronic Pain

Hypnotherapy can help people find relief from chronic pain by altering their perception of pain and reducing stress and anxiety through guided relaxation and focused attention techniques. Often, pain relief is quick and permanent. Don't suffer needlessly.

Weight Control

Unable to get manage your weight? Reach ideal weight by addressing underlying psychological factors, promoting healthier eating habits and enhancing motivation for exercise through hypnotic relaxation techniques and other mind resources.

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